Chelsea coach Jody Morris encourages Premier League season to be voided

Chelsea coach Jody Morris has liked a post calling for the Premier League season to be voided.

The Premier League is currently suspended as the country gets to grips with the coronavirus.

Extensive measures have been released in a bid to narrow down the amount of people being infected with the disease.

People are being told to stay indoors and only leave if it is essential.

It remains to be seen how long these controls will be implemented as the virus continues to spread worldwide.

And it leaves football in a sticky situation, with the rest of the season yet to be played out.

Chelsea are fourth in the Premier League

One answer is to void the season and start again when possible rather than play out the remaining fixtures.

For a club such as Liverpool, who are on the brink of their first-ever Premier League title, it is a nightmare scenario.

However, for sides such as Norwich, it would be a major benefit as opposed to being relegated.

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But it appears Morris has made his mind up after liking a post on Instagram that has urged for that very situation to happen.

It came after The Athletic reported that a high-ranking official at a Premier League club was keen on cancelling the season.

Instagram account Sportbible posted the story, accompanied with a picture of Jurgen Klopp.

And underneath is a like from the account ‘morriskid’, Morris’ Instagram, who is a frequent social media user.

Jody Morris liked this post on Instagram

The quote in question from the Athletic went: “I’m hoping the situation changes by then but unfortunately, the world is changing and it’s changing for the worse every day.

“It’s absolutely clear what is going to happen. It’s a worldwide pandemic. You just start again and there are very few losers.

“Liverpool, I know. But in the grand scheme of things, honestly, it really doesn’t matter. You’ve just got to start again.

“Just end this league with whatever…


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