“Don’t confuse F1 with karting”

We’re now a couple of weeks in to the compulsory quarantine world we now live in, and unsurprisingly footballers are starting to get in trouble.

As they get more bored and newspapers have more time to fill, there’s going to be more and more of these incidents. Today’s was a rather spicy run in on Instagram live involving a Chelsea player taking ricochet shots, totally unaware.

Karim Benzema was interviewed on Instagram live, and when asked to compare himself with Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud, he laughed off the idea, saying “you don’t confuse Formula 1 with go-karting.”

Benzema thinks he’s the F1 car and Giroud a humble kart, but let’s not forget France are the reigning World Cup holders thanks in part to that kart. Meanwhile the F1 car, for all its glitz and glamour, was nowhere to be seen. You don’t have to do much research to figure out why that it.

You’ve got to love Benz’ cockiness, but in this case the situation is embarrassing for him.


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