€60m plus Kepa an acceptable fee for top European goalkeeper » Chelsea News

There could be a very extended transfer period this summer, with clubs in limbo about how to manage their squads, and there could be some very unusual deals done.

Despite that, this one still sounds like a long shot. MilanLive quote Tuttosport in saying that Frank Lampard has given the green light to try and sign Gigi Donnarumma from AC Milan by offering Kepa plus €60m.

That’s a monster fee, when you consider how much Kepa was bought for less than two summers ago. But it’s also a potentially smart way of smuggling the keeper out of the club. If we sell the Spaniard for a flat fee, it will be clear how much we are losing on the deal. Include him in a part-exchange, and suddenly the water is muddied and another transfer error can be quietly brushed under the carpet.

This still seems like an extremely unlikely move to happen given how complex it would, be, but this is a unique year and we’re not ruling it out.


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