Chelsea’s Doctors, Physio’s and ‘clinically trained’ staff to join the front line fight against COVID-19 » Chelsea News

It really does seem like it is about to be all hands on deck now as the UK steps up the battle against the deadly COVID-19 virus sweeping the world.

Last week a huge array of volunteers joined up to help the National Health Service deal with the pressure and do what they can.

Now, The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has written to London football clubs and asked if they can spare any ‘clinically trained’ staff to go and help the NHS on the front line as they tackle this global pandemic.

As reported by The Daily Mail, Khan has also asked for key equipment from training grounds which will then be used at a number of field hospitals which are being set up across the capital.

Reportedly there ‘is a keen desire among the clubs to assist’ in this operation, with responses likely to come back as soon as possible.


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