Robbers “attack” Ashley Cole and steal valuables from Surrey home » Chelsea News

Former Chelsea left back Ashley Cole has been “attacked” at his home by burglars tonight.

The Daily Mirror report that “masked robbers” attacked Cole at his home in London and stole valuable items.

They carried out a “professional” operation and raided the property for all its

The Sun goes even further and says that he may have been “tied to a chair” during the incident at his house in Surrey.

After rejoining the club last year as a coach, Cole has been very much out of the public eye, as he prefers, and these horrible events are the last thing anyone wants, especially during a time of global crisis like this.

Police have said that “an investigation is under way” and that the burglars escaped with “a quantity of jewellery.”

We’re sorry to hear Ashley and his family have been put through this, and we hope the culprits are arrested.


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