Cesc names Chelsea coach ahead of Pep Guardiola as one of the best he’s worked under » Chelsea News

Cesc Fabregas is lucky enough to have played in some great teams.

From the Arsenal invincibles through Barcelona’s glory years under Pep, to a super successful final chapter at Chelsea – along with so much glory with Spain along the way.

It’s no surprise then that the midfielder had a host of great coaches to name when asked about who the best he had worked under are.

He was speaking on Instagram Live, but his comments were picked up by the Daily Mirror.

“I had the best [coaches] in the world, so I cannot complain,” the Catalan said diplomatically, but when pressed he responded “Wenger and Mourinho.”

Under any other circumstances those would be a fair choice for anyone. But leaving out Pep Guardiola from that kind of answer is always going to attract attention.

Still, it’s fair to say that Mou and Wenger both got the best out of Cesc in a way that Pep never quite managed, despite their success together. Wenger gave him his chance as a teenager, and then Mourinho gave him his Premier League title all those years later.

Sorry Pep, this is one prize you’ll have to let the others take.


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