Chelsea report on their own transfer interest in Samuel Umtiti » Chelsea News

Chelsea had been pushing for more hits on their website, and when they introduced the “media watch” section, it got more push-back than most of the bland features they tried out.

In that section, Chelsea report on stories in the media about Chelsea, without much comment on whether they are accurate enough.

It creates a kind of bizarre mirror situation, where the club is reporting on rumours by journalists reporting on the club.

Today’s choice was the Samuel Umtiti transfer talk that did the rounds yesterday. Of course the person writing the Media Watch section doesn’t have any particular insight on the players the club might want to sign or whether they will do it, they just pick the juiciest story.

But there’s something about seeing it on the club’s official website that gives more weigh and credence to the chatter – could this be something the club is happy to let build momentum? There are certainly a lot worse signings they could make in this potentially massive summer window.


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