Chelsea target moves to friendly agent as Stamford Bridge move looks closer » Chelsea News

Porto left back Alex Telles has changed agents, taking up the services of Pini Zahavi as his new representative.

That’s being seen as a positive sign for Chelsea, who have many years of dealing with Zahavi in the past. He’s been behind many big name transfers involving Roman Abramovich and this could be another one.

Record in Portugal reported it today, and given they’ve also been regularly discussing Chelsea’s eminent interest in the Brazilian talent it’s seems logical to think that there could be logic in the idea that this is the prelude to a move to Stamford Bridge.

Certainly changing agents is something a player does when they’re expecting a move, whether it’s to Chelsea or not we don’t know yet, but it would make sense. Both for Porto’s business model – improve players and then sell them on for a profit – and for Telles’ career, as he reaches his prime and looks to make his defining move.


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