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There are all kinds of ideas flying around about how to conclude the Premier League this season, and we’re going to have to pick one of them.

Some say the whole season should be voided, others the complete opposite – let’s not play any football until the season can be finished.

Some say it should just be finished as it stands, with Chelsea in 4th and happily into the Champions League.

One alternative is to “simulate” the remaining results by looking at how the reverse fixtures went. There are plenty of flaws with this as a solution, and plenty of clubs will violently object, but given Chelsea are in the clear for a CL spot in the other setups, it’s interesting to see how we do here.

Of our remaining games, we would be given wins against Wolves, Watford, Norwich, Crystal Palace and Aston Villa. That’s a healthy 15 points. A draw against Sheffield United makes it 16.

We lose to Man City, West Ham and Liverpool.

Adding 16 points to our current 48 gives us 64. That’s enough to secure us 4th place for sure, meaning this is yet another potential route for ending the season that sees Chelsea into the Champions League.


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