Bargain Vecino asking price could help Chelsea upgrade midfield for cheap » Chelsea News

Chelsea were linked with Matias Vecino a month ago, but the trail has since gone rather cold. Other rumours have bubbled up and rather left his ones behind.

There are plenty of reasons to think Vecino could be a good signing – especially if the bargain £23m asking price that has been mentioned turns out to be true.

Back in February that was the number the Metro put on his asking price, eminently doable for a Chelsea side that has barely spent for 12 months.

If they’re looking to shift Jorginho for a decent sum, Vecino could come in and do the same job and make the club money at the same time.

So while this one has gone a little cold, we would be surprised if there isn’t further interest. Everton are apparently using Carlo Ancelotti to try and lure the Inter man to them, and if Chelsea don’t buy him it looks likely that someone else in the Premier League would.


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