Government to clamp down on Premier League clubs not reducing players’ wages but furloughing staff

The Chancellor has been urged to get tough on Premier League clubs for refusing to ask their millionaire stars to take a wage cut due to the coronavirus crisis.

MP Julian Knight, chairman of the Government’s ‘Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee’ has written to Rishi Sunak demanding he impose a windfall tax on top flight clubs.

Knight is seething that the likes of Tottenham and Newcastle have refused to cut the multi-million pound salaries of players while still taking advantage of the Government’s furlough scheme.

He has now urged the Chancellor to bring in sanctions against any clubs that continue to pursue what is described as a ‘two-tier system’ after Tuesday.

Premier League clubs could be set to come under pressure from Chancellor Rishi Sunak for not cutting players’ pay
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Imposing a windfall tax would cost clubs tens of millions – but would allow the Government to recover a substantial proportion of the money paid out to players, which could be used to reimburse non-playing staff.

Knight has described the situation as ‘obscene’ and he said: “We are facing an obscene situation where top players who aren’t working are continuing to see hundreds of thousands of pounds roll in each week while the staff who keep the clubs going are losing wages.

“If the Premier League isn’t going to act to resolve this crisis then the Government must step in by imposing a significant financial penalty on clubs to reimburse those hit hardest in the pocket.

“That’s why I have written to Chancellor Rishi Sunak today demanding that Premier League clubs do the right thing by Tuesday next week – or face the consequences.”

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been urged to put pressure on the top-flight clubs
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