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Frank Sinclair has favorably compared Reece James to Trent Alexander-Arnold, and the Liverpool fanbase has gone predictably crazy.

The former Chelsea man was assessing the relative qualities of the duo, and he reckons that while Reece James is good in both areas, TAA excels far more in attack than defence.

You can see his exact quote here:

Former Chelsea defender Frank Sinclair: “Defensively, Reece James is a better defender than Alexander-Arnold at the moment.

“As an all-round full-back, I think there is more to his game than Trent; he is good going forward but he is also very strong defensively.”


— Anfield Edition (@AnfieldEdition) April 2, 2020

Most people would agree with that assessment, but they would argue that TAA’s ability attacking more than outweighs any issues at the back.

Maybe it’s just Sinclair’s Blue Blood showing here, but he prefers James’ all round game to Trent’s all out attack.

Liverpool fans have gone predictably wild in response to this heresy, as you can see in some of the comments embedded below.

We have to say, there’s no doubt that Trent is a level above James in our minds – but that’s because Trent is one of the best in the world, and James is playing just his first season in the Premier League.

That’s perhaps why Reece James starts every match for Chelsea…. oh wait….

— KK (@kirankorah) April 2, 2020

Words fail me

— Deedna (@deedna00) April 2, 2020

— Tyler Sox (@mrsox87) April 2, 2020

Frank Sinclair? More like Frank Sidebottom 😜


Stick to own goals

— Liam Williams (@wordsleyLFC) April 2, 2020

Frank doesn’t watch Football to often I’d say.

— Niall Kelleher (@123anfield) April 2, 2020

It’s not true, Trent Alexander Arnold is the best

— Gustave Niyonzima (@GustaveNiyonzi1) April 2, 2020

im creasing 😂

— Jacob Elkins (@JacobBElkins) April 2, 2020

Frank Sinclair is probably the best…


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