Coronavirus means ‘days of huge transfers and big wages are over’ as money will plummet

Football needs to get real because the days of £100m transfers and £350,000-a-week wages are over.

Clubs can’t take the chance of paying out huge sums of money like that anymore in case anything like coronavirus ever happens again.

It’s not his fault he’s sitting at home with nothing to do but Arsenal are currently paying Mesut Ozil £350,000-a-week to do nothing.

The people who own football clubs, they’re bright, intelligent people. They are weighing this up now. Who wants to be paying out that kind of money?

And Borussia Dortmund can forget about Chelsea or Manchester United paying £100m for Jadon Sancho.

Those days are gone.

Mesut Ozil is on huge money at Arsenal
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Clubs will be more careful now. Transfer fees are going to come down. Clubs will stop offering big wages and long-term contracts of five or six years.

Some of them won’t even be able to shift the players they don’t want any more.

When the next TV deal comes up surely these clubs are not going to expect Sky and BT to pay big money again? There’s no football on. They won’t risk that happening again.

Before all this started I would have said in a couple of years you would see loads of players on £500,000 or £600,000 a week.

Not any more.

The players used to hold all the aces and they would basically get what they want in most deals.

Jadon Sancho may not move for a huge transfer fee now this summer
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Before, clubs would have to put kids on £70,000-a-week before they’d played ten games just to stop other clubs nicking them. That won’t happen any more.

Once we come through this it’s the clubs who will have the power again. Players will have to take what they can get.

It should be a massive wake-up call for the game.

Football is going to take a massive hit financially. Smaller clubs are going to go out of business unless they get support.

They need help. And it’s only right that the Premier…


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