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Chelsea and Tottenham are chasing the same player once again.

There are plenty of examples of players choosing one club over the other, as we famously hear about every week in the Willian song.

The last time we went head to head directly however Spurs won out though, stealing Fernando Llorente from under our noses.

This time it’s a player at the other end of the pitch that’s being disputed. Both we and Spurs are looking to upgrade in goal, and at the moment the obvious choice from within the Premier League is Nick Pope.

He’s had a couple of seasons performing at the top level now, and it’s no surprise he’s now looking for a step up from Burnley.

Spurs had their own issues between the sticks this season with Hugo Lloris injured and then out of form; while Chelsea battled Kepa’s demons.

We think the stopper will definitely end up going somewhere this summer – whether it’s Chelsea or not we’re not sure.


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