Premier League star thinks Mason Mount got off lightly in quarantine gaffe » Chelsea News

Watford striker Troy Deeney thinks Mason Mount got off lightly after his quarantine breaking last month.

Deeney is not actually making a point about Mount to be fair, he’s talking about Jack Grealish, who got in trouble last week for a similar incident.

In quotes picked up by the Metro, the striker points out that while Grealish was pilloried for his behaviour, Mount’s playing 5 a side with Declan Rice while he was in quarantine went relatively under the radar.

That’s fair enough, but Mount did get some flak for it. Plus, the hypocrisy of Grealish posting a social media message telling people to stay at home and then going out was what really bothered people.

“Mason Mount, the first week of [quarantine], he’s at Power League. And that went under the radar, no-one hammering him.”

The problem is that it’s hard to get too angry with anyone for going to have a kick around, even if they are supposed to be in quarantine. Wheras the salacious factors when it came to Grealish – him being drunk, the big flash car parked in the middle of nowhere, the hypocrisy – made that story just so much tastier for the tabloids.


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