The one big clue about Jorginho’s “love child” with UK TV star » Chelsea News

There’s no actual football to write about, so it looks like we’re going to have to dig into the celebrity scrap barrel.

To be fair, there’s quite a juicy one today. By and large Chelsea have had a fairly innocent squad in the last decade or so, with only a few very minor transgressions from Ross Barkley and Danny Drinkwater getting into the tabloids.

But in this football hiatus The Sun have managed to dig up some dirt. In an exclusive report they say that Chelsea midfielder Jorginho is going to have a “love child” with Catherine Harding from The Voice.

She has confirmed the pregnancy – but not the father – on her Instagram page. As evidence, as well as a source, the Sun cite the sign off to one post which is in Portuguese, Brazilian Jorginho’s native language.

The message? Eu te amo – I love you.

Now that’s a decent little clue. Isn’t that cute? Stories like this are just what we nee to get us through this tough period.


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