Antonio Rudiger’s angry response to racist outrage on French TV » Chelsea News

Antonio Rudiger has become the latest footballer to lend his voice to the growing crowd who are outraged by the words of two French doctors on TV.

Discussing the testing of a possible vaccine for coronavirus, the doctors suggest that it might be done in Africa, where there are minimal health standards in place as it stands.

This has lead to a massive social media backlash, with figures like Rudiger and Didier Drogba lending their voices to the clamour again the words of the physicians.

Rudiger called it “disgraceful” and it’s hard to disagree.

You can see the full video featuring the clip below:

It took me some time to find some words for these guys … 😠😠 Two French doctors suggest on TV to carry on experiment for Covid-19 vaccine in Africa … like the Africans are some sort of animals!?!? Disgraceful! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ This is racism at its highest level and …

— Antonio Rüdiger (@ToniRuediger) April 4, 2020

… a terrible statement against all the black-skinned … How was this even allowed to be broadcasted on French TV?? #AfricansAreNotLabRats

— Antonio Rüdiger (@ToniRuediger) April 4, 2020


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