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Chelsea super scout Piet de Visser is still travelling the world at the age of 85 looking for new talents for the club, and while his age hasn’t so far ever held him back, the sudden arrival of coronavirus on the scene has meant he’s had to curtail his plans for this year.

The Dutchman has been at the club such a long time that he’s almost part of the furniture, and his quotes as carried by SportWitness reveal that while he’s had to change his travel schedule, his work goes on, and Chelsea are making sure to take good care of their wise sage of talent ID:

“I had made a scouting trip for Chelsea through Argentina and Brazil and visited America on the way back. I was just in time to go into isolation here at home in Oisterwijk,” the 85 year old said.

“Chelsea is also calling me all the time to take good care of myself and stay indoors. They want me to get through it well and that I can start working again,” he concluded.

It’s encouraging to hear he’s working hard from home like everyone else – he’s surely got plenty of recorded games to watch and plenty more top players to scout for us to sign whenever the window reopens.

Now we can begin speculating about who he was watching in South America…


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