World Cup winner has “preliminary discussions” about new contract with Blues » Chelsea News

Olivier Giroud has looked like he’s certain to leave Chelsea for a long time now.

The striker was not really fancied by Frank Lampard at all for long periods of this season, but at the last earned his place and scored important goals to secure his manager’s faith.

In January, he’d played so little that it looked certain he would leave. His contract is up in the summer, and the way was open. There was even a move to Inter ready to go in January, before Chelsea were unable to secure a replacement.

But after that final surge he’s back in the reckoning, and according to Eurosport he’s now giving serious thought to a new contract.

Their only claim is that “preliminary discussions” over a new deal have taken place – which seems not much of a claim. Of course his team and the club have discussed potential deals, the point is that as it stands they haven’t found enough common ground to agree a deal.

Even thought it looked so certain he would go, you’ve got to admit that there is now a chance the World Cup winner could stay.


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