How billionaire owners like Abramovich can benefit from football freeze » Chelsea News

Global markets have changed dramatically recently, opening up new opportunities for clubs and owners all over the world.

Those teams owned by groups of fans, like many of the top sides in Germany and Spain, will have some issues to deal with, while clubs owned by one rich individual – like Chelsea – will have others.

Indeed if you’re one of only 775 billionaires in Europe right now – as Roman Abramovich is – you might see this sudden shake-up in the markets as an opportunity.

Yes you’ve likely lost more money than most in the last few weeks, but you also had more money to lose to begin with. As long as your losses are proportional to everyone else’s, you’re still winning the race. Yes it’s a risk – but billionaires can afford risky wagers.

Your cash will go a lot further in this new landscape too. It might even be a smart time to buy a football club. So many of the teams which only survive game to game and season to season are going to struggle to survive, and you could swoop in and save a couple (or turn them into soft-drink selling corporate zombies).

Once you’ve bought the club of your dreams, you can even probably kit it out pretty cheap. Maybe organise a ground share with a struggling team a few divisions above to help you both out. Then maybe swoop to buy a whole team of players from your biggest league rivals.

They will be keen to shift a lot of wages at this point, and you can probably buy any player you like at the right price – so long as that club isn’t also owned by one of the other 774 billionaires around.

The players you buy will also potentially have been out of work for months at this point, and you can sign them up to long term deals at below their true value. They get some stability in their finances and their lives, and you get a good team on the cheap.

Remember how we signed Willian and Samuel Eto’o on the cheap in the same summer because Anzhi Makhachkala were in serious financial difficulties? We could see…


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