Chelsea will have to play to earn their Champions League spot in latest plan » Chelsea News

When the Premier League season was put on hold, Chelsea were in a good position whatever solution was found.

If the season was declared void, the Blues would be in next season’s Champions League on the back of their top 4 finish – and Europa League win – last season.

If the season was finished as it stands, the Blues would also be in the Champions League, because right now we occupy that vital 4th place.

The only issue for us was if the season was eventually finished – and that looks like it will be the case. The latest moves from the EFL, who control every league below the Premier in England, show their preference is to finish the 19/20 season at all costs.

That matches up with what we’ve heard from Premier League chief Rick Parry, and gives a sense of momentum from up and down the divisions towards that outcome.

It will mean a frenzy of matches later in the summer, where Chelsea will have to play out the season in the hope of defending their current fourth place.


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