Reece James explains why Tammy is Chelsea’s best FIFA player » Chelsea News

Reece James and plenty of other footie stars have been taking to the internet recently to compete in FIFA games online to entertain fans and raise money for charity.

In the Daily Star today they had quotes from the young Chelsea defender as he reeled off who the best gamers were at the club – although not in a particularly complimentary way.

“Tammy is probably the best player cos all he does is play PlayStation. He doesn’t come off it,” James teased in the interview which was to raise money for the National Emergency Trust as fronted by Rio Ferdinand.

“Mason [Mount] is good as well,” he also conceded.

All three of them have come back from loans to star at Chelsea this season, and while they are getting plenty of chances now in this strange hiatus to practice their gaming, from next season they are all going to be doing far more balling on the pitch than on the Playstation.



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