“I’m an Arsenal supporter” – Coutinho’s agent admits, but says it won’t affect deal » Chelsea News

There is a lot of football news space to fill at the moment with no games being played, and for Chelsea one of the dominant plotlines is turning out to be a suggested move for Philippe Coutinho.

It’s know Barcelona want to see the midfielder, the question is who will take him on. Arsenal, Chelsea and others have been linked, with the Blues appearing to be in pole position to land the former Liverpool man.

But The Metro have quotes from the well known agent with an interesting Twist on the story:

“The fact I’m an Arsenal supporter is not a secret. I don’t have any preference where the players go. I don’t try to push someone to one club or another. Everything is a possibility,” Kia Joorabchian said after his allegiances were mentioned on Sky Sports.

“The question is what are going to be the financial conditions of all the clubs, including Barcelona and all the Premier League clubs at the end of this pandemic.”

In a way it’s faintly ridiculous to think that the agent would even consider the team he supports when making a decision like this. Coutinho’s career and the money involved in the deal will all be vastly more pressing factors for the player’s side of the arrangement.

It’s frankly silly to think that Joorabchian would put his reputation on the line just to help the team he supports. That doesn’t mean Coutinho won’t go to Arsenal, but if he does let’s not kid ourselves into thinking it’s because his agent is a Gooner.


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