Manuel Neuer move to Chelsea looks possible now after “irritating” Bayern bosses » Chelsea News

Chelsea’s alleged interest in Manuel Neuer has never seemed that convincing.

The Bayern Munich star’s contract ends in 2021, and it’s felt a lot like the whispers that he could consider a move to London are coming from his camp to try and secure a solid deal in Bavaria.

But the longer it goes on, the more convinced we are there might be something in it. The Daily Mail today write that his demands for a staggering 5 year deal at Munich (which is a big ask for a 34 year old) have “irritated” his club, and suddenly a move to Chelsea could suit everyone.

Bayern have already got Alexander Nubel arriving to replace him. They could sell him for a moderate fee to us, we would get an old pro in to compete with Kepa, and everyone’s happy.

Except Neuer of course, who would be lucky do get a two year, let alone a five year contract at Chelsea thanks to our notoriously strict policy on such things.


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