Chelsea could be forced to play the rest of the season without their out of contract stars » Chelsea News

Nobody knows what’s going to happen beyond the next few days at the moment, and that’s especially true when it comes to football.

Some are saying we have to play the season out, others are saying we should void it.

One of the major issues is what will happen to players whose contracts expire. It’s been assumed that some accommodation could be made, but this evening’s Daily Mirror is casting some doubts on that.

They say that clubs like Chelsea could be forced to play out the rest of the campaign without their out of contract stars. That’s a major blow – by the end of the season, Olivier Giroud, Willian and Pedro were our front 3 – and ALL would be gone.

On the other hand, the logic the writer uses to say that clubs would get rid of players before the end of the season is that they may need to raise short term funds. Assuming Chelsea aren’t in that boat, and assuming we can individually persuade the players to stay (we see no reason why they wouldn’t


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