Exclusive claims Chelsea have been scouting unlikely Aston Villa player for transfer » Chelsea News

Chelsea have added two names to the long (and apparently growing) list of players they’re looking at to join this summer at left back.

We’ve heard the Ben Chilwell rumours time and again, and Alex Telles is another prime option in that position.

Then there are the more “wildcard” options too, like Marc Cucurella.

But have now thrown too totally new names into the mix. One is Aston Villa left back Matt Targett. The other is Blas Riveros of Basel.

These names attract immediate attention because we just haven’t seem them named once before by any source. It’s all rather fishy really.

Riveros’ name we’ve seen at least come up once before, way back in October. But Targett’s name seems to have been pulled randomly out of a hat containing the names of PL left backs, and if we end up with him rather than one of the many other great options still available to us, fans won’t be happy.


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