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It always used to be Eden Hazard at the top of this list, and many players take it as a huge compliment to be fouled the most, and rightly so.

If you are being fouled a lot, it shows that you are being direct in your play and trying to make things happen. It also shows that to stop you doing this, the opposition will try and foul you. And on top of that, it also shows that you have some skill and pace.

This is why it was never a surprise to see Hazard top this list when he was a Chelsea player, as the likes of Lionel Messi are at Barcelona.

So who has been Chelsea’s most fouled players this season?

Top of the list is Willian, who has been fouled 54 times. No surprise to see who is closely behind him being one of the clubs best dribblers of the ball, Mateo Kovacic who has been fouled 50 times, and then Mason Mount who has been fouled 45 times.

The closest to them is Jorginho, who has been fouled 34 times.

Stats pulled from the Chelsea FC website, with a full list there.


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