Chelsea fans can thank Luca Vialli for John Terry’s reign, club accepted offer to sell him » Chelsea News

The one major positive that has come out of this COVID-19 global pandemic is the amount of video interviews players, coaches, and former players are doing due to their own lock down boredom.

We are getting some really tasty content coming through, and the recent John Terry Instagram live interview is just absolute gold.

Yesterday we reported on Terry’s experiences of tough love given to him from Jose Mourinho, who threatened to sell him after he kept giving the ball away in training!

In that same feed, Terry also revealed the clubs who tried to sign him during his career, and surprisingly there was only two!

But even more surprisingly, Terry revealed that Chelsea actually accepted one of those offers from Huddersfield before he came through to the Blues first team setup, but current manager Gianluca Vialli rejected it and actually gave Terry his debut.

As reported by The Sun, Terry said:

“During my time the only two clubs that approached me were Huddersfield when I first came through. Steve Bruce was manager of Huddersfield.

“Chelsea accepted a bid and Vialli said no. Which obviously I’m very thankful to Luca for, he gave me my debut.

“Man City approached Chelsea, made an offer official.

“I sat with the owner, face-to-face and said ‘I never want to leave Chelsea, that’s a fact. If you want to sell me then it’s a different story, I clearly don’t want to stay. But I’m telling you off the bat that I never want to leave this football club’.

“Within that, I was due a new contract, we shook hands on a new contract, agreed a deal and I stayed another five, six years after that.”

The other club that tried to sign him was Manchester City.

Just imagine if Vialli did not over turn the clubs decision to sell Terry. WOW!



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