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Jorginho arrived at Chelsea with his mum, looking like he was going to be one of those clean cut Brazilians. Perhaps one of those baptism lovers like Alisson at Liverpool.

But if you believe what you read in the tabloids recently (and we normally wouldn’t but this is a tough time for Chelsea news), that image was perhaps a little misleading.

In the latest tabloid “exclusive,” the Sun have quotes from a man who says that the midfielder had been texting his girlfriend, while still with his wife last year.

The Italy international married Natalia Leteri three years ago, and while they have now split up, he was apparently sending Elisa Scalcon messages while still together with his long term partner.

Scalcon’s boyfriend, an Arsenal fan, is quoted as saying:

“He’s Chelsea’s vice- ­captain and gives off this family man image and there he is sending texts to my girlfriend. What sort of example is that?

“What made it even worse, as an Arsenal fan, was to see him score against us in December. They ended up winning. That just added to my pain.’’

Jorginho was also in the papers recently because of his romance with Catherine Harding, who appears on popular TV show “The Voice.” She is apparently now pregnant with the former Napoli star’s child.


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