Premier League set June comeback date in huge boost to Liverpool’s title hopes

Premier League bosses are hoping that fixtures will return as soon as June 8.

In a positive stance for runaway leaders Liverpool, league chiefs have remained defiant over the possibility of ending the season prematurely despite similar actions taking place in both the Netherlands and France.

The update comes after the emergence of strict guidelines each club will have to follow when they call their players in for training, including social distancing guidelines and the use of disinfectant.

In a document seen by Daily Star Sport, regulations will include all equipment including footballs, GPS units, cones, corner flags and goalposts will need to be disinfected both before and after use, and it will have to be done by staff wearing PPE.

Liverpool had been runaway leaders of the 2019/20 Premier League season
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In addition, all players will need to be tested for both Covid-19 and other potential respiratory problems associated with the virus. Players will also have to wear a snood or a mask at all times when inside the training ground.

On arrival, players and staff will need to ensure that cars are parked a minimum of three spaces apart, with massages on the grounds needing approval from the club doctor.

Initially, only five players will be allowed in each group and sessions will be for 75 minutes with 15 minutes of recovery.

The Telegraph have now reported that these conditions are set to be in place for three weeks before they play to resume the league programme on June 8.

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Coronavirus and sport

The report adds that former Liverpool coach and current Premier League head of elite performance, Andy O’Boyle, has been central to the plans, with Premier League technical director Richard Garlick presenting the ideas to clubs.

Despite the comprehensive nature of the plans there has been plenty of opposition over the rush to get the league restarted, with Gary Neville…


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