Premier League footballers like Troy Deeney are right to question restart plans

Don’t punish Troy Deeney or N’Golo Kante for refusing to train. If I was them, I wouldn’t want to either.

I’ve heard people say players who don’t train or play should get fined but that would be very wrong in my opinion.

It’s like with parents making the tough decision on whether to send their kids back to school. It’s got to be a personal choice.

People say footballers are on hundreds of thousands a week, they should do as they’re told.

But they’re human beings. This is your health. Your family. You have to weigh these things up. No-one can make that decision for you.

I’ve even seen people have a go at Troy, and try to make out he’s only refusing to come back because he doesn’t want Watford to go down and wants the season voided.

Watford captain Troy Deeney has come under fire for missing phase one of the return to training
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But that’s ridiculous. You can’t listen to people like that. I’d like to see any of those people go up to Troy and tell him that!

It’s easy to sit behind a keyboard and have a go but not so easy in person…

It doesn’t even come into my mind that he’s got some kind of ulterior motive.

Troy’s been talking about his young son, who has breathing difficulties, and that BAME players are at more risk, and it’s a no-brainer for him in my opinion.

Kante will have seen those figures about how the virus affects the BAME community as well. It doesn’t surprise me they don’t want to come back.

You’ve got to respect their decision.

If I was them I’d be dubious about playing as well. I’d be the same as Troy. You can’t assure me I won’t get it. Why take the chance?

It’s got to be a personal choice. I’m torn myself about sending my son back to school right now so I understand where they’re coming from.

They won’t be the only ones. You will see a lot more players saying “No”. And you can’t blame them.

N’Golo Kante was seen at Chelsea’s…