Why Frank Lampard Sr will watch Chelsea’s FA Cup final like a ‘miserable b******’

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard’s dachas said he will be watching the club’s FA Cup final against Arsenal like a “miserable b******”.

The Blues are looking to win the world’s oldest football tournament for the ninth time in their history against their London rivals.

It would be the first time Lampard has won it in the manager’s seat, having lifted the trophy four times as a player at Stamford Bridge.

But his dad, the West Ham legend who now runs The Nightingale pub in Wanstead and watched his son regularly before lockdown, had admitted he will be watching the Wembley game.

Frank Lampard Sr has said he will watch Chelsea’s FA Cup final like a ‘miserable b******’
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Speaking to The Sun, the 71-year-old said: “The punters in the pub are ringing up asking ‘have you got the game on’?

“There will be a screen outside but I won’t be there. I get nervous.

“My daughter lives round the corner but they’ll watch it at theirs and I’ll sit here on my own like a miserable b * ****d.

“Even if I watched with them, I wouldn’t be comfortable. Even if Chelsea could get me in at Wembley, it wouldn’t feel right.

The Blues boss is preparing to try and win the FA Cup for the first time as a manager, taking on Arsenal
(Image: 2012 Chelsea FC)

“It’s the supporters I feel sorry for — football is their lives and they are missing it badly.

“I watched Frank play home and away and always went on my own. Pals would say ‘we’ll come for the ride with you’ but it never happened, I didn’t want it.

“I’m just thinking about the game all the way there and back. When he was playing I got far more nervous than when I played.

But Lampard Sr, who runs The Nightingale pub in Wanstead, will not be at his bar to watch the game, instead watching it alone
(Image: 2019 Chelsea FC)

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