Frank Lampard slams his ‘slow’ and ‘complacent’ players who treated Cup Final as ‘a stroll’ » Chelsea News

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard cut a frustrated figure after the FA Cup Final conclusion at Wembley last night.

He and his players had to watch Arsenal lift the trophy in front of them knowing that they were very poor and should have done a lot better.

Quite frankly, it looked like many of the Chelsea players forgot that they were playing in a Cup Final yesterday, full of lacklustre and lame performances across the pitch.

Not one player can really hold their heads high after that defeat. Yes the Referee was also terrible and made a number of wrong decisions against Chelsea, and they also suffered injuries to key players. But you can’t blame any of that when you play so poorly yourselves.

Lampard was annoyed at his players, and you can feel that from some of his post-match comments. His honest assessment is true to say the least, and it really needed to be said.

As reported by WAGNH, Lampard said:

“We started well for 10-15 minutes and we can only blame ourselves form that point. We got complacent, we took time on the ball like it was a stroll and we allowed them into the game. It’s hard to get back into the game then. A lot of today is on us.

“All I can do form the sidelines is shout! There are elements in our game that we have worked hard on all year but that is in you as a group. Today we were slow, we played back on ourselves, invited pressure. We didn’t play well enough to win a final.

“We had a good start, but we got sloppy and didn’t ram it home. We got slower in our game. We came out brighter in the second half. There were things in the game which conspired against us, but we didn’t play well enough.

“We shouldn’t look at just today. It wasn’t to be the icing on the cake.”


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