Chelsea set to sign “a few more” as fans get excited for busiest summer in years » Chelsea News

Chelsea have had a quiet few years in the transfer market, not making major moves since the year Antonio Conte arrived (perhaps unsurprising given how most of those transfers worked out).

But this summer, after a year where they couldn’t sign players, they’re really going for it.

They’ve already secured two top players in Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech, and according to Simon Johnson of The Athletic’s source, there are “a few more” to come.

As one trusted #CFC source put it to me the other day: “Chelsea will do a few more. The job now is to push for the right ones.” There is already a lot of excitement within the club about what Ziyech and Werner are capable of having seen what they’ve done in training.

— Simon Johnson (@SJohnsonSport) August 11, 2020

That’s all we need really. If the Blues were to sign a new goalkeeper and a new left back they would already be looking twice the team they did last year. Add a centre back and maybe the elusive Kai Havertz, and fans will be rejoicing with a total rebuild of the squad.

But as Johnson’s source says, the important thing is getting “the right ones”, not the wrong ones as they did too often in that summer of Conte’s arrival.