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Looking back on it, even if it hadn’t been for the coronavirus break, Chelsea would still have had a pretty wild season.

A manager left having won a European trophy, a manager from the Championship was appointed. A club legend returned ahead of schedule to bring through a host of academy players.

There were injuries, drunken nights out and record breakingly expensive goalkeepers getting dropped left right at centre. All that after our best player left at the start of the campaign.

There were some great games and some terrible games. Looking back on the events on the pitch of the season as a whole, captain Cesar Azpilicueta was able to boil down the flaws to two particular areas:

“The story of a lot of games this season has been that we were not clinical in the boxes,” Azpilicueta explained in the first part of his season summary post on Chelsea’s official website.

“In the attacking box, we have missed chances but I think the big problem was that sometimes we were playing well but we were not strong enough in our box,” he continued.

There’s no denying that he’s spot on. So many games saw the Blues miss chances at one end, only to be later torn apart on the counter attack going the other way.

Hopefully the addition of some more clinical players in attack will allow the rest of the team to remain a little more compact, and thus benefit both aspects of the team’s performances next season.



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