Chelsea looking to finalise Kai Havertz by structuring a deal in a way which will be acceptable for Leverkusen. » Chelsea News

As far as transfer sagas go, the Kai Havertz to Chelsea story is up there with some of the most lengthiest.

But it is nothing abnormal, and these deals do drag on and take a lot of time – just sometimes you won’t always hear all of the latest updates.

This deal has been heavily reported by many, and as it has been so close for some time now, fans will begin to get frustrated.

But Chelsea and Bayer Leverkusen are still negotiating the final stages of the deal, and this is all about structuring ‘a deal in a way which will be acceptable for Leverkusen’, according to Sky Sports.

The problem is unlikely to be matching their valuation for the 21-year old German international, but more about how the fee is structured and the amount of add-ons paid.

Blues fans may have to be just a little bit more patient yet, as the two clubs look to get the very best deal and meet somewhere near the middle.


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