Frank Lampard explains what Chelsea’s “challenge” is now » Chelsea News

Chelsea had a really enjoyable season, with ups and downs, big wins and big defeats along the way. In the end they made it to fourth place, the coveted final Champions League spot.

In house media company Chelsea TV have just released their 6 part documentary looking back at the season as a whole, and the Evening Standard carried quotes from it today where Frank Lampard discusses how he felt the season had gone, and what his hopes were for next season.

“To be able to sustain Champions League football next year was a huge thing for the club. It should give confidence now. Fourth was an achievement this year but I don’t want to be saying that next year,” the Blues boss mused.

“If we keep moving forward, we want to be saying, ‘how do we close the gap going forward?’ and that’s now our challenge,” he went on to explain.

He was never a player who settled for anything less than the very best, and he’s going to the same as a coach, that much is clear.

Next season could be even more exciting with the talent being added to the squad, but the pressure will grow, while the gap to Liverpool and Manchester City has to shrink.

A lot will come down to the work Frank and his team can do on the training pitch in the next month.

We’ve got full faith they can cook up something special.



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