Conflicting reports on Thiago Silva contract length as defender gets closer to Chelsea move » Chelsea News

A week ago the idea that Thiago Silva might be coming to Chelsea wasn’t even really being considered.

But the last 7 days have seen such an inundation of reports that the PSG man is coming to Stamford Bridge, that we’re now not only convinced he’s coming, we’re actually getting into the details of just how long his contract will be.

Today has seen ESPN reporting that the deal will be for two years – pretty strong stuff given he’s 36 years old.

The Athletic on the other hand insist that it’s a point of contention, with Chelsea still pushing their policy of offering just one year deals. They broke that for David Luiz, but only in the circumstances of the transfer ban.

Sky back up the latter version, writing that it’s likely to be a one year deal.

Whatever way it shakes out, the haggling over one year or two just shows how close this deal – which was nowhere a week ago – is to being done.




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