(Video): “It was the best decision”

It was widely expected that Timo Werner was going to join Liverpool this summer, with sources like Sky Sports reporting that he had spoken to Jurgen Klopp before eventually joining Chelsea.

He was asked today why he had picked the Blues over Liverpool in the end, and his answer made it clear that he was looking forwards not backwards, but also that he was delighted with the project that Chelsea had offered him:

“It was the best decision I can take… because of the style of football and because of what they’ve shown to me,” the former Leipzig man explained.

You can see him speaking in full in the clip here:

🗣”Liverpool are one of the best teams in the world. But I decided for #Chelsea because for me it was the best decision I can take. I am very proud and happy I chose Chelsea.”

– @TimoWerner on rejecting Liverpool to join Chelsea. pic.twitter.com/aCNGsJdOLy

— Talk Chelsea (@talkchelsea) September 16, 2020