Football Supporters’ Association accuses ‘billionaire foreign owners’ of power grab | Football News

The Football Supporters’ Association has accused “billionaire foreign owners” of threatening to destroy the structure of English football, by their repeated attempts to drain power and money from the game.

Sky News exclusively uncovered plans by some of England’s biggest clubs, including Manchester United and Liverpool, for a European Premier League, backed by FIFA.

Whilst the proposals do not encourage the break-up of domestic competitions like the Premier League, they do seem to offer a suggested replacement for the Champions League, with huge potential revenues and little chance of relegation for founder members.

Kevin Miles, chief executive of the FSA, has told Sky Sports News: “The timing of it now, after the knock-back of Project Big Picture, proves that behind the scenes there are repeated attempts by the big, billionaire owners in England and Europe to carve out an ever-bigger slice of football revenues for themselves.


Sky Sports’ Gary Neville says the timing of talks about a European Premier League during a pandemic is ‘obscene’ and there is a danger ‘football will eat itself’

“That would have a devastating impact on domestic leagues, and a huge impact on clubs up and down the pyramid. It would threaten the very existence and the structure of English football that we have known and loved for many years.”

Miles also believes that the foreign ownership model adopted by most of the ‘Big Six’ is at the root of the problem.

“Many of them don’t understand the culture, and have…


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