Arsenal icon Arsene Wenger’s comments prove greed has taken over English football

When Arsene Wenger can say 92 clubs is too many for English football and the big clubs can plot a European Premier League, you know greed has taken over.

I was fuming when I heard Wenger say that. People have supported these clubs all their lives. They have survived all sorts of things.

Some of them have survived two World Wars, and now when they need help from the rich clubs and the football authorities, they’re being forgotten.

The people who run football don’t care about Macclesfield and Bury. They just want the rich to get richer. In the Premier League it’s just about the top six lining their pockets and everyone else trying to stay with them.

And to hear them talking about finding billions of pounds for a European Premier League? At a time like this? It’s disgusting.

People have short memories. If Paul Dickov doesn’t score that goal in the play-off final against Gillingham in 1999, would Manchester City be where they are now?

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There are still plenty of fans around who can remember when Manchester United were relegated. But football seems to have forgotten.

It’s in massive bad taste to be talking about spending billions on a new European league for football’s biggest clubs while the little clubs are dying on their a*ses.

We’re in the middle of a pandemic and there are no fans allowed in stadiums. Clubs all over the country are in serious danger of going under. And they come out with a plan like this? Amazing.

It’s the same with Project Big Picture. Take the money, give us all the power, and go away. It was poor. It’s just about greed. And it makes me majorly angry.

If this European Premier League had been around the year Leicester won the title, do you think they’d have been invited? Of course they wouldn’t.

Maybe the Champions League needs looking at. Maybe. It’s already been devalued by letting in so many teams who aren’t the…


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