(Video): “I’m not afraid to give a pass”

Hakim Ziyech gave a total masterclass for Chelsea today, and his post-match interview was just as entertaining.

The former Ajax man is quiet but loves a cocky answer, and his answer to a question about his left foot told you everything you need to know.

“I’m not afraid to give a pass,” Ziyech said calmly, and there’s no doubting that. It’s not just enough to have the technique – and Ziyech does – you’ve got to have the stones to actually use it and to play the dangerous passes at the right moment.

There’s no question that Ziyech has stones.

You can see the answer in the clip embedded here:

🗣 “I’m not afraid to give a pass or whatever, I feel comfortable here I’m really happy”

Hakim Ziyech oozes confidence in his post-match interview

— Football Daily (@footballdaily) November 7, 2020


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