Stats show how Tammy Abraham leads from the front » Chelsea News

Chelsea beat Sheffield United 4-1 on Saturday, after a scary opening period where the away side scored the first goal and briefly looked very frisky.

It was all made straight by Tammy Abraham however, who took advantage of another start to score another goal.

It wasn’t just in his solid goalscoring that Tammy impressed though. Leading the line as he did against a back 3 means you’ve got to do your bit for the rest of the team, and the striker certainly did that.

According to FBRef’s stats from the game, he had 21 “pressures” of the opposing team. That’s joint most on the team with – you guessed it – N’Golo Kante.

Matching Kante for defending stats from any part of the pitch is impressive, let alone from up front. You can see why Frank Lampard is such a fan of the number 9, and as long as he’s scoring and working at this rate, his place in the team is assured.