Progressive Chelsea looking increasingly ambitious as they start to gel » Chelsea News

We always said it would take a while for this Chelsea team to learn how to work together after a short preseason, given how many signings were made.

The evidence seems to show that that’s exactly what’s happening.

A glance at FBref shows how the team is evolving game by game. A nice way to consider the attacking fluency of the side is the number of “progressive” passes they make (passes that go forward or move the team up the pitch significantly).

The string of figures shows the steady upwards trend – 28 and then 16 in a cautious two first games, followed by a slight outlier of 66 in the crazy West Brom game.

It then returned to 36, then 37, 26, 46 and 47.

The trend is firmly up, and as we get more players fit and more time on the training pitch together, we hope to see even more progressive passes leading to even more goals.


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