Thiago Silva’s surprising “junk food” admission on return to Brazil » Chelsea News

Thiago Silva looks like he’s 26 and plays like he’s 24, and it’s sometimes hard to imagine he’s actually 36.

Seeing him in such good shape, one might imagine he’s been leading a perfect and clean life throughout his career to keep him in top form. As it turns out, it’s only in the last few years he really started taking things seriously.

In an interesting interview on UOL from his home country, as translated by SportWitness, the Brazil star reveals he used to have some bad habits:

“I used to eat eat very badly, nowadays I eat well,” the former AC Milan star admitted.

“I used to eat a lot of junk good, especially post-game, even before.”

But he’s since changed his ways, as he explains:

“I have a personal staff that has been with me for two years, more or less, and have managed to change my eating routine.”

It’s crazy to think that at 34 he was still eating junk before and after games. Perhaps Ligue 1 really is the farmers league we always hear about.

Despite his improved diet, Silva will find himself in bad shape for Chelsea’s next game because of his international duty in South America.

Can’t he give that up too? It might be just what he needs to squeeze another couple of years out of his top flight career.


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