“A title with Chelsea is just worth more”

Kai Havertz has not bad the smooth start to his Chelsea career that he might have been hoping for – despite already having grabbed a hattrick for the Blues.

He may have a long way to go, but he’s got the talent to get there, and nothing excites us more than the prospect of him settling in as the gem at the heart of this incredibly exciting team. have some really interesting quotes from the midfielder where he discusses choosing Chelsea over other teams:

“The club is on the move. We are a young team with a lot of great players. We think aggressively.

“We want to build something here and attack. This motivates me. And then, a title with Chelsea is just worth more.

We love those quotes. It just goes to show the pull power that Frank Lampard has – as well as the general appeal of the project the club are building at the moment.

There’s no doubting that Havertz was the most in-demand player on the market this summer, and the fact that he chose to come to us tells you everything you need to know about how top footballers see this project.

It’s a snowball too – now we’ve got Ziyech and Havertz, who wouldn’t want to come and play with them?


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