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When Juan Mata left Chelsea, there was a void of creativity in the team that wasn’t filled until Cesc Fabregas arrived.

The Spaniard left almost two years ago now, and there has been a similar gap in his absence – until now it seems.

Hakim Ziyech has arrived on the scene with a flurry of assists and goals for since his debut a couple of weeks ago, and even Cesc himself thinks his replacement might have arrived.

The former Blue raved about the new man in an interview with 90min football, explaining just what makes the Moroccan special.

You can see Fabregas speaking in the clip embedded here:

😍 @cesc4official is very excited at the prospect of Hakim Ziyech in the Premier League, and we can’t blame him!

The former Chelsea man spoke with @benhainess on what he offers.

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— 90min (@90min_Football) November 13, 2020


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