“Got sloppy in possession” – Complacent Chelsea have some fans spooked despite 1-0 lead » Chelsea News

Chelsea have made it to halftime with the lead against Newcastle, but they could and should be so much more comfortable.

They’ve had a couple of chances, and a couple of near misses, that would have made things so much easier for them, and fans on social media are frustrated and fearful that their team will be made to pay for their wastefulness.

This game is so comfortable that Frank Lampard’s team are starting to get sloppy, and if they carry on like this they’re certain to drop points.

The manager needs to restore order at half time, and another goal or two are essential early in the second period. As plenty pointed out, Chelsea “got sloppy in possession” and let the home team back into a game they had no business being part of.

Let’s hope they sort things out at the break.

You can see a selection of their reaction here:

Kill the bloody game off Chels.

— Uber Chelsea FC 🏆 (@UberCheIseaFC) November 21, 2020

We could really do with another goal before half time. Newcastle looking a little bit more dangerous now when they come forward and I’m never going to be confident with Rudiger in defence.

— Chelsea Extra 🏆 (@CFCExtra) November 21, 2020

Absolutely battered them 1-0 – 42’.

Need to kill the game.

— toCFCws ★ (@tocfcws) November 21, 2020

Can’t help but feel like a second goal would go a long way in calming these nerves before HT#NEWCHE

— The Pride of London (@PrideOLondon) November 21, 2020

Nothing more frustrating than seeing someone lose the ball and not track back to win it back.

Especially after such an awful attempt like that, Tammy is lucky Newcastle didn’t go and score down the other end.

— TweetChelseaUK (@TweetChelseaUK) November 21, 2020

#CFC almost pay the price for a terrible pass by Tammy Abraham which gifts #NUFC a chance to counter. Just about get away with it. A warning about not killing this game off already. #NEWCHE

— Simon Johnson (@SJohnsonSport) November 21, 2020

How have we not got a second?!