Which Premier League teams could benefit most from up to 4,000 fans returning

Premier League fans are set to return to their old stomping grounds after the latest Covid-19 announcement from Boris Johnson.

The Prime Minister revealed that a maximum of 4,000 spectators would be allowed at outdoor events in the lowest-risk areas when national lockdown ends on December 2.

Only spectators from areas with Tier 1 and Tier 2 restrictions will be able to return to stadiums in the UK, while those based in Tier 3 Zones will continue to be kept away.

And further restrictions will be placed as those in the second level will be allowed a maximum of 2,000 while the safest areas can hold double.

Boris Johnson’s latest Covid-19 plans will allow 4,000 spectators into Premier League grounds – but which team will be affected most by this?
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Premier League clubs have been calling for fans to be allowed back in the stadiums, with the top-flight losing millions as games have been played to empty stadiums.

While Johnson’s plan does mean fans getting into the grounds, it will have a different impact on each club.

None of the top 20 teams will be allowed to have away fans in the ground, with Johnson deciding it best to prevent travel between regions.

Burnley would be able to fill 18 per-cent of their stadium with 4,000 fans, the highest of any top-flight side – but the Tier system could stop any fans entering Turf Moor
(Image: MICHAEL REGAN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

This means that each Premier League side will have their full capacity after the national lockdown to house 4,000 people.

And this would make Burnley’s Turf Moor the most affected, filling 18 per-cent of their 22,000 seats as they look to move clear of the relegation zone.

Lancashire, though, has been one of the hardest hit places by Covid-19 and has been in Tier 3 since October, meaning it could continue after December 2 and keep fans away.

Manchester United’s…