Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool manager questions 2,000 limits on Premier League crowds | Football News

Jurgen Klopp has questioned the logic behind potential 2,000 limits on crowds at Premier League games, as fans wait to find out which tier their clubs will be in on Thursday.

Premier League clubs are expected to welcome back supporters where possible when the Prime Minister reveals the new tiered system to replace the national lockdown – even though it may end up costing them in the short term.

Liverpool manager Klopp welcomed the “good news” but said he did not think the plan had been “thought through”.

“I don’t understand why you can put 2,000 people in a stadium with 60,000 [capacity], and 2,000 people in a stadium when 9,000 people would fit in,” Klopp said. “I don’t understand it.”

How many fans will be allowed in?

Premier League stadiums in Tier 1 will be able to host up to 4,000 fans
In Tier 2, the cap is set at 2,000 fans
Stadiums in Tier 3 will have to continue holding fixtures behind closed doors

Thursday’s Government announcement on which regions face the toughest restrictions from December 2 is set to open up disparity on which clubs can and cannot immediately reopen their turnstiles.

Gary Neville questioned whether football will become an “unfair competition”.

So some clubs will have fans backing them in home fixtures and others will have empty stadiums with no fans! Unfair competition or not??

— Gary Neville (@GNev2) November 23, 2020

The Premier League has said its “ambition remains to work with Government to increase attendance to more substantial levels” and having some home fans inside stadia is better than no supporters.

“I don’t think it’s unfair, it’s just the situation,” Klopp said. “It’s the world at the moment and we cannot change these kinds of things.”

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard raised his hopes a “level playing field remains”, but believes fans returning in some capacity is a “positive” step.

“If it feels safe…


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